National Review: There Are Holy Priests, Too

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There Are Holy Priests, Too By KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ September 17, 2018 6:30 AM I’ve been thinking a lot about priests lately. In truth, I often do, as some of my best friends happen to wear Roman collars. I see them on their low days, and I see them in moments of true total self-surrender. Of course, you know why I’d be thinking about them even more lately. For priests who seek holiness in loving service to God’s people — striving to see God in every person they encounter — these are grueling times. And a few conversations I’ve had lately have reminded me that the good and holy among them, while still human beings, can have a lot of wisdom to offer — if they are true pray-ers. I know some of them, thanks be to God. And they help me see more clearly. One of the priests I’ve …

Archdiocese of Philadelphia: The Love that Moves the Sun

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Remarks of Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. at the Faith and Reason Institute at Gonzaga University: The Love that Moves the Sun September 14, 2018 Last October, the journal First Things carried my comments on the encyclical Veritatis Splendor. In March, it published my thoughts on Fides et Ratio. Each text needs the other. They’re a diptych. And both mark anniversaries this year; 25 and 20 respectively. I went into a lot of detail in each of those First Things pieces, and I won’t repeat it here for two reasons. First, the landscape of the Church in the United States has changed drastically, and painfully, over the last six months. And second, I’m a pastor, not a scholar. My interest in any papal document is very practical: Does it help me help others to know God, live his will, and get to heaven, or not? For a layman – …

Even the Sparrow Blog: “The World Is Rotten Because of Silence”

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“The World Is Rotten Because of Silence” Posted at 8:15 pm by claire dwyer, on September 12, 2018 The stories in the Catholic world these days, stories of abuse, cover-ups, and promotion of predators have me profoundly sad. The word “silence” has me angry. I want to tell a story, which is still a mystery to me, but one which I find I cannot stop thinking about these days. It is a brief story, because I don’t have all the details. But for a reason I do not understand, God wanted me to know the story. And for what it’s worth, I feel that I am to tell it now. Off the bat, I need to say that the story begins with a good and upright priest. Seven years ago, home in Arizona, I was awakened from a sound sleep in the middle of the night. I felt almost as …

Just Another Priest Blog: A Letter to Seminarians

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Just Another Priest Blog I am a Roman Catholic Priest of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. This is where I share some things I write. There are so many priest blogs. Tuesday, September 11, 2018 A Letter to Seminarians: Dear Seminarians, It is not an easy time right now to be a priest or one studying to be a priest. Praise God. The Church is being not only humbled but humiliated by the sins of Her own ministers. Praise God. Countless innocent priests are looked at with suspicion if not outright hatred because of the sins of their guilty brothers. Praise God. I praise God in this not to downplay the depravity of my brothers’ crimes or ignore my own frustration, anger, and sadness at every bit of this awful situation. I praise God because the truth always sets us free and the Cross always conquers. The fact is, I …

The Catholic Thing: When the Priest Turns Atheist

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When the Priest Turns Atheist Anthony Esolen SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2018 When John Milton names and describes the worst of the fallen angels, he tells us where in the Mediterranean world and the Levant they set themselves up as false gods to be adored. The closer to Sion, the worse you are. So in that sense Moloch, whom he names first, is, after Satan and Beelzebub, the worst of all. It’s bad enough that he was worshipped by the nearby Ammonites: Nor content With such audacious neighborhood, he caused The wisest heart of Solomon to build His temple right against the temple of God On that opprobrious hill; and made his grove The pleasant valley of Hinnom, Tophet thence And black Gehenna called, the type of Hell. Can you do worse than entice the builder of God’s temple, King Solomon, to build you a temple too, cheek by jowl with …

St Louis Review: Archbishop Robert Carlson, Mass of Reparation atones for sins of clergy sexual abuse

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Mass of Reparation atones for sins of clergy sexual abuse Archbishop Robert Carlson asks for God’s grace to “move us along a journey of renewed conversion.” Jennifer Brinker Submitted September 8, 2018 | 8:02 AM Acknowledging the sorrow and shame of sexual abuse of children and adults by clergy was the central focus of a Mass of Reparation Sept. 7 at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis. Archbishop Robert J. Carlson called on God forgiveness for the sins of clergy sexual abuse. “The Church today around the world and in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, suffers from the wounds of many scandals,” Archbishop Carlson said in the homily before nearly 800 people in attendance. “The Body of Christ experiences the weight of the scandal and is in need of divine mercy in order to be healed.” “We gather in friendship with Christ to hear the Word of God in Scripture …

The Catholic Register: Bishop urges Catholics to fight, not flee

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Bob Brehl: Bishop urges Catholics to fight, not flee BY ROBERT BREHL September 6, 2018 Amidst the sexual abuse scandals involving Catholic priests around the world — in particular the revolting crimes of 301 Pennsylvania priests over 70 years unearthed in an August grand jury report — a prominent U.S. bishop is calling for the laity to stay and fight, not abandon the Church. In a passionate YouTube commentary, Robert Barron, auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles, says he understands why people are vacating the pews and saying “enough is enough” as they leave the Church. “The feelings of anger and frustration, I share them … I get it, I get it,” Barron says. “But can I also suggest that this is precisely the wrong strategy at this moment in the Church’s life. Leaving is not what we ought to be doing. What we ought to be doing is fighting.” He …

Word on Fire Blog: Elizabeth Scalia “Digging My Heels Into Light: Why I Won’t Leave the Church”

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DIGGING MY HEELS INTO LIGHT: WHY I WON’T LEAVE THE CHURCH by Elizabeth ScaliaSeptember 06, 2018 The question has been put to me again and again. Ever since the stories of child sex abuse broke out of Boston in 2002 and threw the Catholic Church headlong into an ongoing and painful Lent, people have asked me: “Why are you still a Catholic?” Over the course of this summer, in the wake of revelations about former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s criminal abuse of minors and his longstanding sexual exploitation of seminarians, the soul-shattering Grand Jury report out of Pennsylvania, and the ugly, repellently partisan sniping among Catholics (both clerical and lay) over the controversial and still-unresolved testimonio of a former papal nuncio to the United States, the question has been asked more frequently and with growing urgency: “Why are you still part of this Church, so beset by ecclesial politics, run by …

Catholic Herald: The Church’s renewal starts with the Eucharist

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The Church’s renewal starts with the Eucharist The Rt Rev Mark Davies is the Bishop of Shrewsbury. This is an edited version of his address at the Evangelium Conference at The Oratory School near Reading.  This article first appeared in the September 7 2018 issue of the Catholic Herald. SexAmid the darkness in the world and the Church, there is one constant source of light It is hard to imagine a more pressing priority than renewing faith in the Holy Eucharist. Every generation since the Ascension has viewed its times with urgency. This is the unchanging perspective of those who realize these are “the last days” of human history between Christ’s first coming and His glorious return. No generation has been mistaken in recognizing the shadows of the latter times, whether in the mysterious figure of the Antichrist or in the apostasy which will be the Church’s ultimate trial. I …


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This is not a fight that is going to be solved in days, or even years. We must remain engaged, educated and willing to go to the mat for Mother Church. As Saint Pope John Paul II proclaimed, “BE NOT AFRAID!”