CNN: Pope Francis can’t afford to remain silent

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Pope Francis can’t afford to remain silent
By James A. Gagliano Tue September 4, 2018

(CNN) There’s an old saying that goes: It’s not what you say that matters — it’s what you don’t say.

And last week, while on a papal visit to Ireland, Pope Francis was derelict in his duties. Though he acknowledged the latest sex abuse scandal, implicating some 300 priests, as a failure of the Catholic Church, he largely ignored another allegation — one that directly involves him.

In an 11-page letter, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano accused Pope Francis of having been informed of the serial predation of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, a leading Catholic figure in Washington, in June of 2013, and doing nothing. The Church has found the allegations against McCarrick to be “credible and substantiated.” Cardinal McCarrick has since resigned from his post, although he issued a statement maintaining his innocence.

If Vigano’s allegation is true, it indicates that the pontiff has been complicit, via his silence, in covering up activity that should have been immediately referred to local law enforcement. While some maintain there is no concrete evidence Pope Francis was presented with this information, one writer for USA Today says that Vigano’s allegations about the pontiff “corresponds to anecdotal evidence piling up against [him].”

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