Just Another Priest Blog: A Letter to Seminarians

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Just Another Priest Blog
I am a Roman Catholic Priest of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. This is where I share some things I write. There are so many priest blogs.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A Letter to Seminarians:

Dear Seminarians,

It is not an easy time right now to be a priest or one studying to be a priest.

Praise God.

The Church is being not only humbled but humiliated by the sins of Her own ministers.

Praise God.

Countless innocent priests are looked at with suspicion if not outright hatred because of the sins of their guilty brothers.

Praise God.

I praise God in this not to downplay the depravity of my brothers’ crimes or ignore my own frustration, anger, and sadness at every bit of this awful situation.

I praise God because the truth always sets us free and the Cross always conquers.

The fact is, I am a priest of Jesus Christ. The natural habitat of a priest of Jesus Christ is the Cross – condemned for someone else’s sins; cursed reviled, mocked, and scourged – all willingly and for the sins of others.


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