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The track record supports the Vigano testimony

At several points in his bombshell testimony, Archbishop Vigano explained where the corroborating evidence could be found: in files at the Vatican or the offices of the apostolic nuncio. If those files are made public—or even vetted by a reliable, objective investigator—we would all soon know whether the archbishop’s remarkable account is accurate.

But while we wait for the Vatican to open those files (and since we realize we might wait forever), all we can do is compare the claims of Archbishop Vigano with what we do know. The more closely they match, the more plausible the archbishop’s witness appears.

Even someone who is inclined to believe the testimony of Archbishop Vigano (as I am) must acknowledge that on several points, his account of the McCarrick scandal seems—at first glance, at least—inconsistent with known facts. In each case, there is a possible explanation for that inconsistency. Let’s take a look at those problem areas, and see if the explanations match what we know about the people involved.

Inconsistency #1: the “secret” sanctions”

  • Archbishop Vigano reports that Pope Benedict XVI restricted McCarrick’s ministry. But there is no public evidence of any such disciplinary action.
  • Explanation: Pope Benedict imposed the restrictions secretly.
  • Is that explanation consistent with Pope Benedict’s track record? Yes.

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By Phil Lawler | Sep 05, 2018

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