Settimana News: Viganò, a blessing in disguise for Francis

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Viganò, a blessing in disguise for Francis

Francesco Sisci  5 settembre 2018

Was there a coup in the Vatican? Perhaps not, but there is proof that for the first time ever the Pope is a global leader.

It is civil war in the Vatican! These days, that is the refrain in the international media following the wondrous allegations by ex-ambassador Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò against Pope Francis. The press is on fire with the story; yet Pope Francis said, and his secretary of state Cardinal Parolin repeated, that he is serene and unperturbed.

This is certainly because he is at peace with God, but it is possibly also because he knows that the revolution he started in the Church, if it is real, it will break a little crockery. So there is nothing special here.

What is really new – and it is the first time in the history of the world – is that news about the Holy See has gained instant global interest. TV and Internet around the world are reporting about this “clash” in the Holy See as if it were of interest to them. In the past, Vatican news was important only in the Western, Christian world and in particular in countries with Catholic majorities. The rest, the vast majority of the world, simply ignored it because it didn’t understand and was not interested.


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