Vatican Insider World News: Ecuador, the bishop’s choice: I’ll leave everything and live a monastic life

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Ecuador, the bishop’s choice: I’ll leave everything and live a monastic life LUCIANO ZANARDINI ROME Pubblicato il 17/09/2018 The humility of understanding the right moment to step aside or rather to put oneself at the service of the Church, in a different way. On Friday 14 September, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Monsignor Lorenzo Voltolini, Archbishop of Portoviejo in Ecuador. He is not resigning for health reasons or for an inner crisis, he simply intends to concentrate on prayer. “I feel a little tired, and I think that many have noticed it, especially after the 2016 earthquake that upset the rhythm of my life and that of the entire archdiocese”, the prelate wrote in a letter to his friends. “I think it is wise to leave others younger and capable of administering a local Church in a positive crisis of growth. At the age of 70, therefore, he will …

Lifesite News: US archbishop: Viganò is ‘man of integrity,’ we must ‘ascertain the truth’

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Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas, US archbishop: Viganò is ‘man of integrity,’ we must ‘ascertain the truth’ Thu Sep 6, 2018 – 3:54 pm EST September 6, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The incoming head of the U.S. bishops’ pro-life efforts, Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas, has released a lengthy statement on the ongoing clerical sex abuse crisis. Archbishop Naumann called Vatican whistleblower Archbishop Carlo Vigano “a man of integrity,” adding that “we cannot ignore” the fact that the majority of the victims described in the Pennsylvania grand jury report were post-pubescent males. He said that priests must be able to articulate Church teaching on sexuality “in a convincing and compelling way.” Naumann was elected last November to lead the U.S. Bishops’ pro-life office, and will begin his tenure this November. “It is inconceivable to me that the bishops who were involved with the settlements for McCarrick’s misconduct …

Cardinal Seán O'Malley

O’Malley asks US dioceses to work with law enforcement

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By Brian MacQuarrie GLOBE STAFF  AUGUST 25, 2018 Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley on Saturday called on all US dioceses to turn over personnel records to law enforcement when asked, casting the latest revelations of widespread sexual abuse by Roman Catholic clergy as a shocking and painful catalyst for greater accountability. Speaking to the Globe in the rectory of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, O’Malley also said that new procedures are urgently needed to address allegations of sexual abuse or negligence by bishops, despite resistance by Vatican bureaucrats who have blocked bishop accountability measures urged by O’Malley and an increasing number of critics. And although he praised Pope Francis’ willingness to confront the crisis, O’Malley said he dealt the pontiff a dose of “reality therapy” early this year when he criticized Francis’ response to abuse-related allegations in Chile. O’Malley, wearing his customary brown robe of the Capuchin order of the Franciscans, said he …

We need swift action!

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From Michael Warsaw at the National Catholic Register:  “Trust in Church leadership is flagging in many places in the world; in others, it is gone. While the Church needs an investigation into the failure of leaders and for them to be held accountable, we also need the remaining leaders to act swiftly, surely and decisively to restore order.”  Read more details in the link below:

Archbishop Sample on the McCarrick Scandal and Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report

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August 20, 2018 Dear Clergy, Religious and Lay Faithful of the Archdiocese of Portland, Praised be Jesus Christ! Like many of you, I was shocked, angered, and discouraged by the recent revelations concerning former Cardinal and retired Archbishop of Washington, D.C., Theodore McCarrick. Then, on the eve of the Feast of the Assumption of our Blessed Mother, came the release of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report on clergy sex abuse in six Pennsylvania dioceses, covering more than seven decades. These horrific revelations are particularly painful in light of what victims in our own Archdiocese have suffered and the impact that sexual abuse has had on the Church here in western Oregon. I am sorry beyond words for the harm that has been done. I know many of you have awaited a response from me regarding these recent scandalous events. This delay should not in any way communicate a lack of …