The Weekly Standard: The Elephant in the Sacristy, Revisited

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The Elephant in the Sacristy, Revisited MARY EBERSTADT 16 MIN READ September 17, 2018 at 4:33 AM Sixteen years ago, at the height of the 2002 clergy sex scandals in the Catholic church and on the eve of a meeting of bishops in Dallas, The Weekly Standard published an essay of mine called “The Elephant in the Sacristy.” It included an in-depth look at some of the most notorious clergy abuse cases of the time. Back then, like today, the plain facts of the scandals were submerged in what we now call whataboutism. According to these evasive maneuvers, the wrongdoing was supposedly explained by reference to clericalism, celibacy, sexual immaturity, and other attributes invoked to avoid the obvious. I examined and dismissed those analyses, offered up an alternative, and made several recommendations for cleaning up the Catholic church of the future. The scandals, I wrote, were: a cluster of facts …

Catholic News Agency: Pope Francis warns priests against living a double life

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Pope Francis warns priests against living a double life By Hannah Brockhaus Palermo, Italy, Sep 15, 2018 / 04:03 pm During a day trip to Sicily Saturday, Pope Francis told priests and religious to fight their vices and strive to live a consistent witness of morality. “One cannot live a double morality: one for the people of God and another in their own home,” the pope told a group of priests, religious and seminarians in Palermo, Italy, Sept. 15. “No, the witness is only one. The testimony of Jesus always belongs to him. And for his love [the priest] undertakes a daily battle against his vices and against all alienating worldliness.”


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THE IMPERATIVE OF THE IMPERIUM by Shawn R. Tribe 9 . 10 . 18 In “The End of the Imperial Episcopate,” Fr. Jay Scott Newman speculates about the Church’s current situation. One of his premises is that many bishops have become too much like distant managers and administrators, and that this has contributed to today’s problems. He also suggests “the clerical culture in which bishops and priests live is in many ways diseased and deformed, requiring renewal.” I fully agree with Newman on these points. We do not need politicians and administrators. We need bishops who act like bishops: teaching, shepherding, and, when necessary, disciplining like bishops. We need priests who don’t act like camp counselors, committee chairmen, facilitators, or socialites; we need priests who focus on their priestly, liturgical, and sacramental mission. Further, we need religious who remain faithful to the particular charisms of their founders instead of behaving …

Crux Article: Pope tells bishops to fight abuse, culture behind it

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Pope tells bishops to fight abuse, culture behind it Nicole Winfield Sep 8, 2018 ROME – Pope Francis told newly ordained bishops Saturday that they must reject all forms of abuse and work in communion to fight the clerical culture that has fueled the sex abuse and cover-up scandal rocking his papacy. Francis cited his recent letter about combatting abuse during an audience with 74 new bishops from 34 developing countries. The bishops were in Rome for training this week. Their seminar took place during a crisis for the pope: A former papal diplomat has alleged Francis covered up for a now-former U.S. cardinal who was accused of sexually molesting children and adult seminarians. Francis has ignored calls from clergy and ordinary faithful to respond directly to the claims, saying there were times when “silence and prayer” were the best response.

Crux Article on Importance of Laity in Fighting Clericalism

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Laity must have role in fighting clericalism, Vatican official says Junno Arocho Esteves ROME – Clericalism has led to a distorted view of authority that has contributed to the problems of sexual abuse and the abuse of power and conscience affecting the Catholic Church, said the head of the Vatican’s clergy office. Cardinal Beniamino Stella, prefect of the Congregation for Clergy, said the crisis facing the Church would not have been so grave if laity were more involved in the formation of current and future priests. “Even the work of the dicastery attests that many situations in the lives of priests – generated by loneliness, tiredness and misunderstandings – would not have degenerated or would have been addressed in time if there had been listening, accompaniment and sharing by bishops and the entire Christian community,” Stella said Sept. 3 in Fatima, Portugal. The cardinal’s office gave the text to Catholic …