Rob Dreher on the Church’s inability to be honest about the problem

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Taking The Gay Priest Issue Seriously By ROD DREHER • September 4, 2018, 11:24 PM It was revealed today that two priests from Chicago were arrested in Miami Beachwhen one was giving the other oral sex in a car, in full view of passersby on a busy street. Said CBS Chicago: Cortez’s pants were unzipped and open and his genitalia was exposed, the report says. Berrio and Cortez did not notice the police officer right away, and he had to knock on the window. Such was their ecstasy that they had become insensible to the world. A sarcastic friend said that this is like Bernini’s Ecstasy of St. Teresa for our enlightened time. Maybe Cardinal Cupich can commission a woke sculptor to capture this moment of active spirituality for posterity. But seriously, consider these faithful young people in Chicago, having to learn that their spiritual director was arrested in Miami giving oral sex to another priest. What does …

A reappraisal of Archbishop Rembert Weakland

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“Weakland’s personal issues came to light in May 2002, when he paid off a male lover on the advice of legal counsel. Weakland also came out of the closet. And we learned that he followed established protocol of moving sexually abusive priests to other parishes once a psychological exam was completed. He acknowledged that he, like many of his brethren, was wrong to do so and asked for forgiveness. Many have concluded that there will never be, nor can there be, closure for those who have been abused by a priest regardless of compensation, apologies and pleas for forgiveness. And maybe that’s the church’s cross to bear.”