National Catholic Register: We Must Reflect God’s Compassion

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We Must Reflect God’s Compassion User’s Guide to Sunday, Sept. 9 Jimmy Akin Sunday, Sept. 9, is the 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year B). Mass Readings: Isaiah 35:4-7, Psalm 146:6-10, James 2:1-5, Mark 7:31-37. In this Sunday’s Gospel, we read the story of a deaf man. Because he couldn’t hear properly, he also couldn’t properly calibrate the way he spoke, and so he had a speech impediment and was hard to understand. Anyone in his situation would find the two conditions painfully frustrating and embarrassing, and though most of us are blessed with good hearing and speech, we’ve all faced the awkwardness and frustration of not understanding others and of not being understood.

National Catholic Register: We Can’t Be Distracted and Deflected From Getting to the Root of This Scandal

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We Can’t Be Distracted and Deflected From Getting to the Root of This Scandal A NOTE FROM OUR PUBLISHER Michael Warsaw SEP. 7, 2018 Since Archbishop Carlo Viganò, the former Vatican nuncio to the United States, published his testimony claiming that the highest levels of the Vatican have long known of the scandal surrounding disgraced Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, the responses have fallen within predictable — and mostly ideological — lines. Critical voices contend the motive for our publication of Archbishop Viganò’s testimony arises out of an ideological disagreement with Pope Francis or some sort of coordinated conspiracy against him. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our record is clear. From the first moments of his papacy, EWTN has brought more hours of live coverage of Pope Francis into homes around the globe than any other media organization in existence. The Register, like the rest of EWTN, has covered the …

Frustrated by Filth? Follow Jesus Christ Our Hope, and Trust in What He Says and Does

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There’s much for each of us to do, and every prayer or good deed is part of the rebuilding the Church desperately needs. Fr. Roger Landry I have tried in recent columns to respond to some of the many questions that people have been asking about the scandals that began with the revelations about the predations of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, were magnified by the release of the Pennsylvania grand jury report, and have now expanded further with the publication of several testimonies by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former apostolic nuncio to the United States. I would like to continue tackling some of the more frequent and important questions I’ve been hearing in some recent talks, comment boxes, social media posts, phone calls and emails. Can I still trust the clergy? It’s clear that trust has been shattered for many Catholics by the actions and omissions of priests and bishops who …

On Sackcloth, Ashes and Staying Catholic During the Abuse Crisis

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BLOGS |  SEP. 4, 2018 On Sackcloth, Ashes and Staying Catholic During the Abuse Crisis The truth of Christ taught by the Church is not undone by the wickedness of some of his shepherds. ByTod Worner It is utterly detestable. Recently, we have seen the release of Pennsylvania’s sweeping grand jury report on decades-long, stomach-turning sexual abuse perpetrated by priests and covered up by numerous Church authorities. Before that, Washington’s Cardinal Theodore McCarrick resigned amid allegations of sexually abusing minors and seminarians over decades. The response by the Catholic faithful has been horror, by the victims has been a searing recall of wicked acts and by the Catholic Church, a mix of sincere contrition and, at times, tone-deaf defensive maneuvering. Hundreds of priests. Decades of abuse. Over one thousand children. In one state. A cardinal with a profound public platform flagrantly (and often indiscreetly) violating his oath of celibacy and preying …

National Catholic Register on ‘Retired’ Cardinal McCarrick Travels

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‘Retired’ Cardinal McCarrick Traveled the Globe During Francis’ Papacy NEWS ANALYSIS: Though some commentators have argued that the disgraced cardinal was no more active during Pope Francis’ papacy than during the tenure of his German predecessor, some news outlets registered a notable uptick in the his profile post-2013. WASHINGTON — Among the claims made in Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s bombshell letter released last week is the contention then-Pope Benedict XVI ordered Cardinal Theodore McCarrick to quietly withdraw from active ministry in 2011, and that the penalty was lifted by Pope Francis in 2013. While Pope Francis has yet to respond to this specific allegation, Archbishop Viganò’s statement has prompted a review of Cardinal McCarrick’s activities during the past five years since Pope Francis’ election in 2013. The former cardinal retired from active ministry June 20, following confirmation from the Archdiocese of New York of “credible and substantiated” allegation of sexual …